Firefox For Mobile Phone

20 10 2008

// Do you want to have the great Mozilla Firefox browser(PS:Google Chrome is better)  on your mobile phone? This will be a reality in the near future. Yepp, Mozilla Labs has released the alpha build of Mobile Firefox, codename:”Fennec”. For the time being Fennec is available for testing only by Nokia 810 users and will soon be opened for other mobile platforms. If don’t have a Nokia 810, you can still test Fennec by installing a desktop version of this browser (this is an early developer release of the mobile version of Firefox, for testing purposes only), Click Here to go to the download page. I have just installed it and I would say that the interface is very nice(according to me, they have used lots of JavaScript to implement most of the interface effets).


Here are some features of Mobile Firefox(Fennec):

  • Bookmarks, including tags
  • Smart URL bar (“awesome bar”)
  • Tabbed browsing with thumbnail images
  • Integrated Web search – built into the URL bar
  • Easy access to multiple search engines
  • Maximize content by auto-hiding controls and URL bar
  • Zoom in and out
  • Password manager
  • Popup blocker
  • Clear private data

And some screenshoots to share with you:





Give it a try, I’m sure that you will love it. Hope that one day we will have a mobile version of Google Chrome.

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18 11 2010

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