Koobface Virus Attacks Facebook

7 12 2008


// Destructive Koobface virus turns up on Facebook. It is the latest attack by hackers, increasingly looking to prey on users of social networking sites. A variant of the Koobface virus was reportedly circulating on MySpace earlier this year but was eliminated after new security measures were put in place. A “very small percentage of users” had been affected by the virus said Barry Schnitt a spokesman from Facebook. But according to some other security experts, the virus is on rise. The virus can spread fast because they travel through messages which appear to come from your friends. The virus spreads by sending messages to Facebook friends with subject headers such as “Look you were filmed all naked!” or “You look just awesome in this movie”. Here’s an example: 


If the reader clicks on the supplied link, they are directed to another Web site to supposedly watch the clip. After clicking to visit the site, users are shown a message that tells them they need an updated Adobe Systems Flash player. But downloading the software infects the victim’s computer with the virus. Koobface uses the social network’s messaging system to infect PCs, then tries to gather sensitive information such as credit-card numbers or their searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN diverted to fraudulent Web sites.


Facebook has posted limited instructions on removing the virus on its security page. It suggests resetting your password and running updated anti-virus software to purge the worm from your system. I would advice Facebook users to never opens unexpected e-mail attachments or to click on suspicious links, even if they come from people you trust.



9 responses

7 12 2008

Who are those who get pwned? The dumb ones. LOL

7 12 2008
Host Intruder

I completely agree with you on this point. Only the dumb ones, lol.

8 12 2008
Open Source

im agree with you shah and Host Intruder
very nice subject
Tutos linux

24 12 2008
Kurt Avish

Thank you for linking back to my blog in your blogroll. Just added you too.

Nice blog by the way. I noticed your blog in my trackback… Keep it up. Sorry didnt know of this blog before… I’ll add you in the next Mauritian blog competition for sure. 🙂

24 12 2008
Host Intruder

@ Kurt Avish: Thanks for your visit and for adding my blog to your blogroll. Like you, I’ve just discovered Island Crisis which is a very interesting and cool blog.

27 12 2008

priscus on this new planet … hey nice blog i ll add u in my blogroll /// kumadire avish and shah in pass dans les environ avant mwa …

27 12 2008
Host Intruder

@ Yupri: Thanks for the comment! Already added you to my blogroll.

20 06 2009

facebook block

13 12 2009
Oscar- Uganda

Thank you for this blog. I have just come across it while looking for remedy to this koobface madness which has entered my PC thanks to my antivirus which keeps grabing it and deleting it every now and then. But how can I have it removed out of my PC forever now?

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