Ultimate PC Troubleshooting Tips

27 12 2008
//  A slow booting PC, a dead power supply, Winblows blue screen of death ? Every computer user hits a bump now then. Strange computer problems and errors are sometimes difficult to solve even for the most intellectual geeks. In some cases technology seems more trouble that it’s worth. To save your time and frustration when trying to troubleshoot your computer, here are some top computer troubleshooting tips that will make your life so much easier.

Backup and Drivers 

Backup important files and drivers(if necessary). Yepp, the golden rule of PC troubleshooting is to ensure that your tweaks never make the problem worse. Create a “System Restore Point” which often helps. To backup your system drivers, try out DriverBackup, a nice and user-friendly free tool. Oops, if you forgot to backup your drivers !! Don’t worry, most drivers are available on the web, checks out the links below:

1. DriverFiles

2. DriverSkit

3. TouslesDrivers (French)


Start Crawling the Web for your Tech Support Needs

There are many sites where thousands of users are sharing their experience and they are most often free. Many of these sites require registration before you can post a question but it’s worth. From my personal experience , here’s some top sites that can save you loads of time during troubleshooting:

1. Tech Support Guy : Very active site with fast technical support.

2. CommentCaMarche (French) : One of the top, with lots of nice tutorials.

3. FixYa Tech Support, Manuals & Troubleshooting for Consumers.

4. AnswerBag : Site where you can ask any questions, very interesting.

5. TechIMO : Tech Support Forums.

6. Annoyances :  A complete collection of information, problem and error related to Microsoft Windows platform.

7. Tom’s Guide : A Good High-Tech source of information.


Windows Troubleshooting

Oufff Windows!!  The OS with million of problems. Site like LabMice and PCHell is a must for tech-savvy, they provide a huge list of common Windows errors. Check out the Microsoft Developer Network which provides a list of all system error codes. 

For Vista users, Microsoft has just launched a new site named “Microsoft Answers“, currently in beta. It’s a support forum in the Q&A format. The sad part is that, Microsoft is limited to only Vista-related questions.

For IT Pro:  You can use Sysinternals utilities to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications. These tools can be of great help if you know how to use them. Visit the Sysinternals Forum if you want to know more about these tools.


Tools for Troubleshooting & Optimizing a PC 

There are some tools on the web that can make troubleshooting much easier. Here’s a list of 17 portables applications, these softwares are very useful. You can also try out TuneUp Utilities which is one of the best optimization software I have used to date. I highly recommended this software to troubleshoot complex PC performance issues.

Hope this article helps, computer bumps may be annoying, but they can’t stop us to enjoy the ride. 


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28 12 2008

very informative post! thanks and keep it up. It would be nice to hear from some tips in Linux that you know and share it with the community.

2 01 2009

Very nice information! my dear I want to ask you about OS, if we use OS linux one PC then we transfered any data to OS windows, is it usefuly.thanks

2 01 2009
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8 11 2010

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