Free Unlimited SMS in Mauritius

5 03 2009

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// Wep … You want to send an sms? You don’t have credit on your mobile phone? No worries, sign up on, its a Mobile Social Network that allows you to send free “Unlimited” SMS worldwide(including Mauritius). Wadja supports 80 character messages. There is no delivery confirmation. It covers over more than 500 networks in over 200 countries, so chances are that your friend will live in a place where your text message will reach them. On the top of all, its free. Thanks flyz to Ziad for this nice tip.

Still here, hmm … what next !! Just some tips on how to use this service and on how to configure your account(which is pretty easy).

Step 1: Registration

Go on, fill in the details, enter a valid mail and “Join Wadja”.

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They will send you a confirmation mail.

Step 2: Sending an SMS

Login to your account, once it has been confirmed. Click on “Compose”(2), choose “SMS”(3). Enter the receiver phone number, the message and finally click on “Send”.

Note: Don’t forget to enter the country code just before the phone number(for Mauritius its +230).


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Step 3: Add your mobile number to your account (optional)

Now, go through this step only if you want the receiver to know your own phone number, just select “Add mobile number”(4) from the list. 


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Enter your phone number and a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone for confirmation.

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Hooray, your account has been configured. Btw, this website has been specifically designed to be viewed on your mobile phone or handset device. You can access it from your mobile phone and send SMS via wap. You can also check out SmsFree4All. 

Enjoy! 😉



34 responses

5 03 2009

Nice discovery!
I am sure loads of mauritians will be interested with this site, since some of the sites which were operational in the past, do not provide this free service anymore.

Keep blogging! 🙂

5 03 2009
Kurt Avish

Nice one. If am not worng Twe2 also uses this service for twitter sms na? By the way you are invited to the Great Bloggers Interview of Mauritius 2009

The form will be posted today evening and I’ll let you know 🙂

5 03 2009
Host Intruder

@ Kurt: Yeah .. you are right. powered the free Twitter SMS alerts from Twe2. 😀

They(Wadja) have also made a new application programming interface, which includes its text messaging services, available to Twe2 to allow users to interact with other Twitter users for free through this medium.

5 03 2009

just discoverred your blog. Very nice discovery! 😀

Thanks for sharing! 😉

5 03 2009
Host Intruder

Thanks for your visit. 😉

5 03 2009

Hey amazing.
Mary is a girl.. John is a boy.. The sky is blue and the birds are singing. A day at the

10 03 2009

That’s really great!!! I’ve been using twe2 since some time now!!

BTW I just discovered your blog, will subscribe and comment whenever possible 🙂

11 03 2009

does it really really work ?

11 03 2009
Host Intruder

Of course it works. Just give a try and you will see.

17 03 2009

This has been out well for a long time….doesnt work well for cellplus though!

4 04 2009

thanks all my money just finished didnt read the normal charge i thought that the service is still free :\

4 04 2009
Host Intruder

How come ?? I’ve just try the service and I’ve not been charged. Maybe you choose the wrong package, but one thing is sure, this service is still free (I’m sorry for you dude).

12 07 2009

this service is not free believe me

12 07 2009

It is no longer free. U dont have any other websites. I got the folowing sites but could not test them:
try these sites & tell me whether they works or not.

I also found a way to send free sms to emtel by using email:
u have to compose an email and send it to where u replace 1234567 by the required emtel number.

for cellplus ; try this one:

25 07 2009

zat rirly great, nice discovery

15 09 2009

Hey Zyad..its superb man!! thanks 4 sharing!

2 10 2009
Michael Todd

I have never read something like this 🙂

I am going to bookmark this article for future use.Thanks for this.I used to go to this Rapidshare Search Engine for downloading games, music, movies, softwares, songs before i knew this Super Blog 😀

How did you get this information friend ??I dint read it anywhere else LOL


7 10 2009
Host Intruder

You are welcome 😉

7 10 2009

Today night 12.30 to 3.30am cosmo rays entering to earth from mars.So plz switch off ur mobile today night sir:-NASA BBC NEWS PLZ pass 2 all

18 11 2009

@ arvind : lol, no worries dude

18 11 2009

its still working, ive just tried it out. really nice to play pranks on friends .. thanks

22 12 2009

hello, is it true tht with wadja we can send only 3 sms per day? or is it unlimited??

6 01 2010

Just great

8 01 2010

it is nice continue by thi ok

15 08 2010

the button send sms works fine now

21 05 2011

How do we do to get some points ..?

10 02 2012

Huge download

10 02 2012


10 02 2012

Huge hot

10 03 2012

how can free sms on mobile. ths my no 9728189795

14 03 2012
Oswaldo Lavery

Truly appreciate you sharing this article post.Many thanks again. Much obliged.

4 04 2012

why it says “mobile_notenoughcredits” tho av got crd on my mobile.

4 04 2012

how to get more points?

28 04 2012
Jason BIG DADDY Creation


That seems pretty cool actually

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