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12 06 2009


Host Intruder Copyright


//Yeahhh, Facebook will soon(tomorrow morning) allow its users to choose a personalise web address for their profile page. Now we will have our real names to share and connect with friends. A nice move by Facebook. This way your friends will have an easy-to-remember way to find you. Facebook users will have the option to claim variation of their personalise URL on a first-come, first-served basis. Tomorrow you will have to be very fast to be the first one to choose the name you want. Here’s the countdown before the launch.

Host Intruder Copyright.

Reserve Now

Here is a request form for businesses that want to make sure their trademarks are reserved. This form can be used to prevent your trademarks from being registered as usernames.


Instead of “” (littered with numbers and random letters). You will have something like “” which is easier to remember.

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Yepp, its really time for a change. To change your Facebook URL, click here. Get Ready, only 10 hours left, set your timer …




8 responses

15 06 2009

thanx 4 the link

15 06 2009
Host Intruder

You’re welcome. 😉

20 06 2009

This is lame:

Ineligible Account

At this time only users who have registered for Facebook before June 9th, 2009 are eligible to obtain a username. All other users will be allowed to register a username in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

4 09 2009
Anibal king

Which is even more lame is the verification period they put upon a new account. You have to enter word captchas evrytime you post/comment something..
But it’s a security measure among others

4 09 2009
Anibal king

An article i rote abt facebook hacking methods..

18 11 2009

i am late as usual, its now that i am changing my facebook address. don’t even know if this was possible 😀 thanKs man

6 02 2012
Alex Noor

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29 02 2012
Steven Westgate

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