Third Generation iPod Shuffle

12 03 2009

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//Yeah … its here, the new iPod Shuffle 4GB(~1000 songs) with its new special feature, the VoiceOver. The VoiceOver allows the iPod Shuffle to speak your song titles, artists, among others. lol, just wondered what would happen if the title is not spelled correctly? Ahh,  it also tells you when battery level is low.  A nice little display on the device would have been much better. This iPod comes in only silver and black (the silver one still rocks), err… what happened to all the other flashy colors?   


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Concerning the new design, its half the size of the previous version,  looks weird and ugly(long rectangle shape). I greatly preferred the previous design over this one. The controls are no more found on the device but  in a small remote found on the standard earphone cord. The sound quality from the standard earphones is very poor, mushy sound at times and the earbuds, aiee aiee … hurt the ears after long use. Users will be forced to use the standard earphone as all the controls are attached to the earphone cord. I think it’s going to put a lot of people off.

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The prior generation iPod Shuffle looks far much better than this one. Hurray, my old iPod Shuffle(2nd generation) still rocks, I used the Sony Ericsson earphones with it, the earbuds offer deep bass and the sound quality is incredible. Note that the old version of iPod Shuffle will still be available according to Apple… go for the old one. Happy Independence Day !!

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Apple Next Generation Notebooks

15 10 2008

// Wow, New Macintosh portable computers by Apple Inc. are here. All engineered to standards that don’t even exist yet. The design is still clean and superb (its not a surprise, all Apple products have a nice design). But this time Apple hit big by updating an entire line of laptops at one go (Macbook, Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air).

According to Apple, these new machines were designed from scratch, this time the Apple team devised a way to replace many parts with just one. That one part is knows as unibody(“a seamless enclosure carved from a single piece of aluminum”). They also claimed that their machines are more stronger.

Now, no more mouse buttons on the Macbooks, Apple has designed a trackpad which has a built-in support for multi-touch gestures. Maybe this design will be implemented by other manufacturers.


Here’s the way multi-touch has been set out to work on the new MacBooks:

  • Two-finger gesture: Pinch and rotate for zooming and panning
  • Three-finger gesture: Swiping between photos
  • Four-finger gesture: Expose and app switching


Yeah, now you can reach very high level of portable gaming performance with desktop class graphics. On the Macbook you have the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory(the CPU and a graphics processor with all of the core logic built into a single chip) whereas on the Macbook Pro contains the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics processor with dual-link DVI support.
Personally, I think that this new Macbook Pro is the real solution to gamers, designers and video editors. It would have been the ultimate mobile solution if it was a laptop with a Quad Core and a graphic processor with 1GB of DDR3 SDRAM. But I have not seen any laptop with such hardware till now. 
Finally, if you want to buy a good laptop (especially design professionals), I strongly advise you to buy this Macbook Pro.