Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu

10 06 2008

// What is Compiz Fusion ? Compiz Fusion is a mixture of Beryl composite window manager and Compiz Extras. Compiz Fusion aims to provide an easy and fun-to-use windowed environment, allowing use of the graphics hardware to render each individual window and the entire screen, to provide some impressive effects, speed and usefulness.

By activating compiz fusion on Ubuntu, you will get effects like on windows vista, no i would say that the compiz fusion effects is thousand times better than vista. In this tutorial, i will explain how to activate this nice feature on Hardy Heron(Ubuntu 8.04).

1. Go to System > Preferences > Appearance, select the Visual Effects tab and then select Extra.

Note: In case you don’t have the necessary graphic driver on your system, Ubuntu will prompt you to install it, click Enable Driver, type in your password (if it prompt you for it) and Ubuntu will download and install it for you automatically. After you closed the window it will ask you to restart the computer go ahead and restart the computer.

2. There are two ways to install Compiz Fusion either by Terminal or with the Synaptic Package Manager.

Terminal Method:

3.1) Open the Terminal and type the following commands:

sudo aptitude install

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

OR Synaptic Package Manager Method:

3.1) Open the Synaptic Package Manager(System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager)

3.2) Use the search option and search for “compizconfig” (without the quotation marks)

3.3) In the results, select the package compizconfig-settings-manager. Then, click on it and select Mark for Installation.

3.4) Accept the dependencies by clicking Mark.

3.5) Then search for “emerald” for installation. Repeat the steps 3.2 to 3.4. When you finished, click on Apply

3.6) Ubuntu downloading the package

3.7) Finishing installation

4. This will add an entry to your System > Preferences menu listed as “Advanced Desktop Effects Settings”.

5. Go to System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, the following box will pop up. From here you can play with the effects.

6. Effects Shortcut

SUPER+SHIFT+C = Clear fire
CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW = Flat desktop
SHIFT+ALT+UP = Initiate window picker
CTRL+ALT+DOWN = Unfold cube
ALT+TAB = Window switch
SUPER+TAB = Flip switcher or ring switcher, depending on which is enabled.
ALT+F7 = Initiate ‘move windows’
SHIFT+F9 = Water effect
SHIFT+F10 = Slow animations
CTRL+ALT+D = Show desktop

7. Some Desktop Effects

There are many more nice effects that you must try by yourself. This is a good and great boost for Ubuntu users. If you know others shortcuts, please share with us.