Firewall on Ubuntu

9 08 2008

// I am currently using Ubuntu Hardy Heron on my machine and by default no firewall is set up by Ubuntu.  Luckily, it is really simple to set up and manage a firewall on Ubuntu. I have done some research,  I’ve found that technically speaking Ubuntu does include a firewall :- you could configure everything manually using iptables. However this is a tedious and complicated task. I prefer to have a GUI interface to easily configure the firewall.

After going through some discussion forums for about half an hour trying the best and easiest firewall,  I’ve got the choice between Firestarter and Lokkit, which are both easy to use, and requires very little understanding of firewalls to set up. The only problem with these two packages is that they provide few options, and it’s not a good choice if you want to set up a complex firewall. Anyway, I will go for Firestarter which has simple a GUI for Ubuntu iptables, not the firewall itself(as I said above) and of course it provides the necessary protection for my machine.

To install Firestarter:

Step 1. Open the terminal Applications > Accessories > Terminal and then type in
sudo apt-get install firestarter

enter your password. This will install Firestarter firewall on your machine, after installation , exit the terminal.

Step 2. Go to System > Administration > Firestarter

Step 3. The first time you open the application, Firestarter will walk you through a basic configuration wizard. Just enter the setting as shown in the pictures shown below:

Step 4. Click Save and you’re done! The installation is over.

The blue icon below will appear in the system tray after installation and when an intrusion is detected, it will turn red.

The menu where you can monitor programs which are currently using your internet connection.

Congratulations, You got a nice firewall GUI. You can now easily configure your firewall settings with Firestarter. Hope this helps. And for those who want to try the firewall Lokkit, you can start from here.