Google Search Went Down

31 01 2009


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//Wooooaa, what’s happening on the world wide web? Its 19:37 (GMT+4), a friend of mine just phoned me as he was having some problems with his new set of speakers. As usual, the easiest way to find a solution for him, was to google the problem. Guess what? Anything I searched on Google, the warning message “This Site May Harm Your Computer” appears underneath each of the results.                       

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If you click the title of the result, you’ll be shown the following warning:

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At first I thought that the problem was on my computer (maybe a virus or spyware), I logged onto my second PC, googled again, same problem. Even if I search for the word “Google”, I got the same message. Damn, Google went down, Google’s Search was completely unusable. 

 There are many possible explanations: Either Google went down or every server on the Internet becoming infected (lol… can’t be). Maybe Google servers were hacked (lol… why not) but one thing is sure, the problem is from Google side. Seems to be a major Google bug. Hope everything will be solved soon. 


Update Saturday 31 January @ 20:11 (GMT+4):

Just Google It! …Google Seems to be coming back to normal.  What happened to cause these false warnings? I will answer to it as soon as Google gives an explantion :).

Update Saturday 01 February @ 7:30 (GMT+4):

It was simply an error, human error. Here is the official explanation from Google (Marissa Mayer).