Google Buzz! The New Facebook?

10 02 2010

//Yeps … another quick post on Google, hope the next post will not be on Google, lol!!  Well… Well …Who is not on Facebook? Apparently most of us have a Facebook profile. Hmm … now Google is joining a race that has started years ago, with its new Google Buzz, a new social component (built in G Mail). What is Google Buzz?

Watch the video below to have a better idea!

I found it cool, but most of my friends on Facebook have a Hotmail or Yahoo account. I don’t know why most girls have a Yahoo account, lol. And Google buzz required a Gmail address; I don’t think that Facebook devotees are going to switch to Gmail just for this. Hope it will not end up like Google Profiles; clean, simple and good looking but no one use them!

There’s no guarantee that Google is going to be successful with this new service but who knows!! I am still waiting for the “Buzz” to appear on my Gmail profile :(. I will try to update(Update: G.Buzz is not that interesting :() this post later on. Stay tuned and Happy Buzzing 😉

Try Google Buzz


Google 5 Privacy Principles. Really?

28 01 2010

//Another short post!! Well … Today Google published “5 Privacy Principles” to give us an idea on how they handle our private information. Truth or Fiction? I will let the Take a seat, enjoy the video and finally ask yourself this question “Is that true?”.

Btw, Happy Privacy Day ;).

HTML5 on YouTube

21 01 2010

//Yeps, a quick post for today!…. You hate to keep downloading the flash player plug-in? Well…. This will not be a problem anymore; YouTube now supports (mostly) HTML5 videos. With HTML5, you will be able to watch videos (HTML5 supported videos) without Adobe Flash Player.

Visit this page to join the HTML5 Experiment.

Once activated, check out this video, (Use Google Chrome, it supports the <video> tag in HTML5). Btw, the new player design looks cool, lol.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the core markup language of the World Wide Web, ~Wikipedia. Want to know more? Check out this video(features you want desperately but still can’t use).

Finally… great to get rid of flash and happy to see YouTube begin to support HTML5. HTML5 Rocks 😉

Google Mauritius in Creole

1 07 2009

Host Intruder Copyright

// Wow… is now in Creole, maybe its not new thing as I always used Check here.


Rofl …. Was wondering why “Morisya” !!! It was a mistake ..

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Use Gmail as external hard drive

27 05 2008

// Use Gmail for backup? Yes, it is possible using this small extension, Get ready to start:

Step 1: Download this Windows drive shell extension for windows users. I used it on windows XP pro and it works fine.

Step 2: Install the extension by running the setup application.

Step 3: A Gmail space appears in My Computers/Windows Explorer as an external drive as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Now double click on the external drive (GMail Drive) and a login screen will pop up, enter your user name and password.

The extension is loading and enumerating the folder.

Step 5: And now you can drag and drop your file to the drive, you can use it as a normal external drive. It sends an email to your GMail account with the file as an attachment. Enjoy ; )

The downside:

These GMail storage solutions are very useful and until the much-rumored but slow-to-surface GDrive comes along and makes solutions trivial, the provide a nice way to access the same batch of files anywhere you are. However, there is a potential and significant downside. In the midst of my research with these tools, I ended up receiving the following dreaded “Unusual Usage” screen.

I know that a lot of people use these tools regularly and have never seen any major problems, I used both GMail Drive and GMailFS(Linux) extensively in a very short period of time so chances are the same thing won’t happen to you. Hope one day, Google will remove the Unusual Usage Lock. Use wisely and at your own risk.

Share your tips and experiences in the comments.

Note: Linux users can check out GmailFS and Mac users can try gDisk.