Simplest file hosting service

30 05 2008

// I just watched Click(BBC) and they talked about a free file hosting service, MediaFire. I give a try and I was amazed with their transfer rate.

But MediaFire is not the only one, their are other free file hosting services (like rapidshare, adrive, thelinkup, filefactory, among others) but according PC Magazine mediafire is the best. Choosing the right one is base on several issues, file types not usually supported, online storage capacity and the max. size of the file. Generally, these free web hosting services are operated on dedicated servers due to their popularity and high bandwidth usage required. Transferring of files from one computer to an other has never been so easy. I stopped sending files via msn, now I use MediaFire as the same link can be shared among several friends. Just give it a try.

Note: If you have Kaspersky Anti-virus installed on your machine, you must pause the protection while uploading a file. Until now, that’s the only drawback I found with MediaFire.