Bypass Blocked Websites

18 07 2008

// Oops you can’t access Youtube, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, among others at school or work. Sound familiar ?? Social networking sites are often blocked because users are subject to unwanted spyware that can compromise their computers, track your online activity, degrade PC performance and for security reasons. I think teens used these websites more than adults but why do we need to block them at school ?? Maybe to protect the children from adult predators or from adult oriented adware.
Anyway, there are ways to get stuff done and this article will help you to unblock access to restricted websites.

1. Use of translation tools

There are tons of translation tools on the web but i would suggest to use Google Translate or Babelfish. It’s a bit like using a web proxy. Just go to one of these tools Google Translate or Babelfish and then entered the website you want to view and leave the language as it is and click Translate (the default language of the website you want to visit).


2. Use of IP Address

Use of the IP address of the website you want to access. e.g the IP address of Google is But it does not work in all the case especially if the blocking software filtered IP address too.

3. Use of proxy server

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) which services the requests of its clients by forwarding requests to other servers.~ From Wikipedia

There are many free proxy server available, just googled it “free proxy server“. Or you could just used HideMyAss and this one.


4. Use of Google Mobile

Google Mobile is a search engine mainly for mobile phones as its name suggested. Google Mobile will remove the JavaScript from the website and display. It is not a good method, the page becomes longer and difficult to read but you

can use it in the worst case.

5. Use of TorPark

Torpark is a program which allows you to browse the internet anonymously. It was developed by the group Hacktivismo. TorPark is a fully configured combination of Tor (The Onion Router) and Mozilla’s browser technologies. Both programs are in the zip files, fully configured. In other words, it offers the security of a proxy. You can download the software from here.





15 responses

19 07 2008

Thank you. Youtube was blocked in Turkey. We’re using your method.

20 07 2008

Nice to know that this article has help you.

3 09 2008
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3 12 2008
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3 02 2009

i cant seem to get on facebook at school because it is blocked NOTHING works none of the ideas you have brought up work either what should i do?

4 02 2009
Host Intruder

@ Bob

Welcome to my blog. Check out this link. Its another proxy server mainly used to access Facebook. 🙂

30 04 2009

I can’t get into any of the proxy list sites…?

30 04 2009
Host Intruder

Hello, you said “blocked from being SEARCHED” !! If you can’t search the word proxy, just access proxy websites directly. Check out:


Hope it helps. Write back if you need help with anything else.

10 05 2009

I spent a lot of research on this and the winner is It beats lame proxify site – I can open any site through freedur.

I watch Youtube videos at work! They have a portable version – I put it on my USB stick. Nothing to install – just run and it just works.

Super easy proxy solution for me.

27 05 2009
Nicole May

I’ve tried every possible proxy thing up there and it’s still not bypassing it… any other suggestions??

28 05 2009

You said you tried every proxy, I don’t believe you ;]

Have you tried , it works for me.

See if it works for you!

18 11 2009

freedur ?? find this everywhere?? is it a adware? errrh … don’t even know how to use that thing!!

9 08 2010
Unblock Youtube

There are also plenty of web based proxies available to unblock filters.

24 01 2011
Decking Kits

”. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information –`

28 01 2011

just use and youre good. paid proxies suck.

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